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Published September 2018

MISTRA Annual Report


Comparative analyses that are not based on mimicry but innovation are more likely to contribute positively to development outcomes in countries like South Africa. This Annual Report demonstrates MISTRA’s endeavours and achievements.

During difficult economic times, thinkers, researchers and analysts are often confronted by a lack of sufficient financial resources to support their important work. That is more stifling in emerging markets like South Africa. Nonetheless, such intellectuals also rise to the occasion by implementing measures to ensure their long-term sustainability and remaining committed to the search for new and usable knowledge. As reflected in this Annual Report, MISTRA continues to demonstrate resilience under the leadership of its Executive Director, his team of able researchers and resilient administrators, and those who persistently contribute to the Institute’s outstanding work.

This Annual Report highlights the important role MISTRA is playing within South Africa’s research community. We pride ourselves on the increasing number of citations made of MISTRA’s research work, growing networks within South Africa and beyond, and our recognition in the Global Go To Think Tank Index at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States (USA).

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