Strategic Reflections

MISTRA facilitates a range of events in its own name or in partnership with other institutes on a wide range of topics.


MISTRA’s extensive network uniquely positions it to bring together various sectors of society to brainstorm difficult issues in a non-pressured environment, free from the constraints of formal, mandated interaction.

In addition, through the duration of MISTRA’s research projects a series of workshops are held involving a wider network of experts and policy-makers to test the hypotheses and outcomes of the research at its different stages and ensure that the final outcome adequately addresses the policy-making challenges. At the end of the research project a public conference is held to communicate the outcome of the research and to broaden the public discourse.

Strategic Reflections

Join us for an upcoming strategic reflection, or browse our past events.


Youth in the time of a global pandemic

22 June 2021


10:00 am - 12:00 am

As part of MISTRA’s priority research project on Youth and National Development, and to mark Youth Month in South Africa, we invite you to the release of our Working Paper, Youth in...

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Explore Past Strategic Reflections

Access lectures, presentations and photos of past events arising either from the Institute’s research programme or from discussion and consultation with partners in the policy-making and research communities.


Roundtable on Public Procurement and Black Entrepreneurship in South Africa

Last year February, MISTRA launched a publication on Beyond Tenderpreneurship: Rethinking Black Business and Economic Empowerment. In addition to MISTRA’s submission to National Treasury on the Procurement Bill, we plan to host a follow up discussion on the use of public procurement to...

Webinar on Covid-19, Geopolitics and the Belt and Road Initiative

In 2020, MISTRA developed a working paper to seek clarity on how COVID-19 impacts geopolitical relations around the world, with an emphasis on relations between China and Africa.

Land in South Africa: Contested Meanings and Nation Formation

MISTRA is launching its publication on, ‘Land in South Africa: Contested Meanings and Nation Formation’ on the 24th of February 2021.