Consultancy Services

MISTRA’s expertise and value-add encourages many in the public and private sectors to commission the Institute to undertake consultancy work on a range of issues of concern to policy-makers.

Consultancy services include long-term strategic forecasting for sectors of the economy through scenarios planning, strategic research on policy issues, short-term inputs into ongoing work, country assessment reports and research partnerships on specific issues such as:

The Green Economy;
The political economy of mining with a focus on Platinum Group Metals (PGMs);
Inequality and social cohesion; National Development Plan (NDP) alignment and social compacting.

In order to ensure focus on its core research projects, MISTRA has established a principle of limiting such consultancy work to 25% of its research work.

About our Consultancy Services

Commissioned Research

Our commissioned research consists of requests that have been lodged for MISTRA to provide research in a variety of areas. At the same time, MISTRA has itself identified areas of strategic research that it can conduct, in partnership with other institutions.

Understanding South Africa’s Democratic Trajectory
Understanding South Africa’s Democratic Trajectory: A comparative analysis of post-colonial societies is the product of a research project undertaken by MISTRA on behalf of the Open Society Foundation for South...
Beyond Public Private Partnerships (PPP)
MISTRA was commissioned by PEU Utilities Africa to bring a deeper understanding, backed by research capacity, on PPPs, particularly their ability to meet the development needs of the country. The...
Sasol Stakeholder Landscape Report
MISTRA was commissioned by Sasol to assist in positioning the company as a partner with its stakeholders, particularly government at the national, provincial and local levels, as well as community...

Advisory services

MISTRA's Advisory Services are conducted objectively and dispassionately based on client briefs or as follow up to our core research. MISTRA also facilitates intellectual and experiential debate on the issues we research. The facilitated debates are conducted through partnerships with a wide range of institutions and individuals.

DPME 25 Year Review
In 2018 the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME) initiated a review of 25 years of democracy in South Africa. The review aimed to reflect on and celebrate progress made since 1994, and to illuminate the challenges going forward in order to find ways...
DPME Jobs Summit Colloquium
In July 2018, the Department of Planning Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME) partnered with the Trade and Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS) and MISTRA to organise a colloquium as part of the Presidential Job Summit process, involving the NEDLAC constituencies. The colloquium provided the social partners with...
Anglo Gold Ashanti Strategy Document
MISTRA was approached by AngloGold Ashanti (AGA) to prepare a document on strategy to be presented at the AngloGold Ashanti Board strategy meeting 2018. Like all mining companies, AGA is operating in a fraught environment defined by volatility in commodity prices and in the socio-political...

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Our Clients

MISTRA’s clients include government departments at national, provincial and local levels, private sector corporations and from universities and other research institutes.