The Sunday Independent on 17 May 2015

In electing Mmusi Maimane, the DA is evidently striving for a remake. This is an attempt, not a complete makeover. Besides its sudden realisation that “black is beautiful”, the party remains coy about acknowledging the savagery of white rule upon black life.

It contends that racial redress feeds racial consciousness. The DA has been wanting us to believe the path to non-racialism is through the denial of race as the determinant of the status quo and one’s life-chances.

Underplaying the saliency of race in this country is an attempt to revise history in order to conceal the historical machinations that elevated whites to comfort, while shunning their black counterparts to a life of nothingness. Believing the revised version of history is convenient. It frees the white community of the debt owed to their black compatriots. This would make it easy to nullify the necessity of legislative measures towards racial redress.

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