Sunday Independent on 13 November 2016

It is estimated that on a yearly basis nearly 20 000 people are killed in South Africa even though our country is not involved in open armed conflict like Iraq or Libya. Official statistics reveal that there are more 50 000 reported incidents of sexual offences against women and girl-children, a shameful figure which rivals that of India as rape world capitals.

The quality and output of the education system in the democratic era would make apartheid architect Hendrik Verwoerd smile.

Corruption in the public sector has become almost the new normal. Clearly we are not an honourable society. The online Macmillan dictionary associates an “honourable” person, institution and even society with the “morally good and deserving respect”. By this definition, South Africa is not honourable to its citizens, women, and schoolchildren. Rather, it can more appropriately be labelled as a country that is dishonest, immoral and unethical to its collective population, especially to its most vulnerable groups.

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