In Monthly Briefing Number#25 we cover the following:

  • MISTRA’s Nation Formation and Social  Cohesion Conference and a reflection on the conference by Professor Gauhar Razaa MISTRA Fellow; as well as a number of articles written on the theme of Nation Formation and Social Cohesion, including: “What is a nationand do we qualify: A Modest Report” by MISTRA Executive Director, Joel Netshitenzhe, The nation: A process, not an event” by MISTRA Head of Communications, Gail Smith, and “From a virtual to a real community” by MISTRA researcher, Feizel Mamdoo.
  • A range of articles, including Zuma sticking with signature strategy: stall and obfuscate” A chance to reclaim their livelihoods,Mandate: cover up for JZ” by Dr Mcebisi Ndletyana, Head of Faculty of Political Economy.
  • An article on football Budding soccer stars lost in our system” by MISTRA Researchers David Maimela and Howard Freese.
  • An article entitled, “Cuba’s rich history of revolution” by Euston Wesso and Humanities Researcher, Rachel Brown.
  • A range of conferences and lectures in which MISTRA staff will participate.