Eyewitness News on 20 October 2015

There is a critical question that must be asked. In light of campus wide student protests, talk and action around transformation and decolonisation in many spaces, and references to an intricate system of oppression that structures life within and beyond our borders, we have to ask ourselves: “Do we want to become the elite in the existing system or do we want to reinvent the system?” This question, asked by someone on my social media timeline last week, requires continuous reflection and introspection.

Out of its original context, feminist, poet and author Audre Lorde provides us with an important reference point when thinking about the society that we would like to build and our own position within it. She maintains:

“We have been nurtured in a sick, abnormal society and we should be in the process of reclaiming ourselves, not the terms of that society. This is complex. I speak not about condemnation, but about recognising what is happening and questioning what it means…”

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