Book Launch

Poverty, Inequality and Patronage

12 November 2013

8:00 am - 4:00 pm

On the 12th November 2013 MISTRA launched its Research Report on Poverty, Inequality and Patronage, entitled Patronage Politics Divides Us.

The release of this report marked 18 months of research by MISTRA into patronage politics and how it contributes to some of the problems bedevilling local government politics, and how poverty and inequality relate to political patronage.

The report is a profile of socio-economic life in South Africa’s various communities as experienced not only by locals, but also by foreign-born residents. The findings also show the relationship between councillors, business interests and local party organisations.

The Launch Conference will share the findings of MISTRA’s research, and some of the recommendations for consideration by policy makers. These range from internal party democracy in processes to select candidates for municipal elections, to the vexed question about the insidious impact of the current system of party political funding.

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Patronage Politics Divides Us