Book Launch

Mapungubwe Reconsidered

25 May 2013

Wits Origins Centre

8:00 am - 4:00 pm

The Mapungubwe Institute (MISTRA) convened a conference to release the integrated Mapungubwe research report, entitled: “Mapungubwe Reconsidered: Exploring beyond the Rise and Decline of the Mapungubwe State“.

The conference provided an opportunity for the MISTRA research team to discuss the findings with archaeologists and historians from South Africa’s leading universities. The significance of holding the conference on Africa Day, which has been marked since the formation of the Organisation of African Union, the forerunner of the African Union, was not lost on the participants.

Themes covered in the report include trade and state-formation, the metalworking industry of Mapungubwe, heritage and environmental protection, indigenous knowledge systems (IKS), gender issues and contemporary resonances.
MISTRA has started discussions with the Departments of Arts and Culture and Basic Education to examine the possibility of translating the findings into text-book material for appropriate senior Grades.

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Mapungubwe Reconsidered: A Living Legacy