Energy Choice and South African Innovations

17 July 2015

Sheraton Hotel, Acardia, Pretoria

8:00 am - 2:30 pm

On the 17 July 2015 MISTRA and the National Advisory Council on Innovation (NACI), hosted two parallel roundtables on Energy Choice and South African Innovations.

The Energy Choice roundtable discussed South Africa’s identification of nuclear and shale gas as viable energy choice to address the “energy challenge”.  The roundtable examined the available energy options and institutional capacity to bolster electricity supply and lower energy demand. A critical part of the deliberations at the workshop examined the reasoning behind the country’s strong focus on new nuclear and shale gas as long term energy options, despite numerous cost considerations, risk scenarios, environmental damage and global trends that disprove these choices.

The Innovations roundtable covers the evolution of South African systems of innovation from the pre-colonial era to the present.  It takes a broad view of the system of innovation concept in order to capture institutional as well as technological change and innovation.  This approach enables the grounding of systems of innovation in the relevant economic, political, cultural and historical contexts.