A Case for PGM Exchange

28 November 2018

JSE Limited, One Exchange Square, Ubuntu Conference Room, Gwen Lane, Sandown

11:00 am - 5:00 pm

In its 2013 research project on South Africa and the Global Hydrogen Economy – The Strategic Role of Platinum Group Metals, the Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection (MISTRA) assessed the utility of PGM in the nascent Hydrogen Economy. The Institute’s current research project  seeks to determine the feasibility of establishing a PGM Exchange in South Africa.

A variety of dynamics play themselves out in global pricing of many minerals; and recent investigations by regulatory agencies in various parts of the globe have exposed not only a detachment between the actual physical products and their trading, but also illegal manipulation of prices. To address these challenges, and to broaden the concept of mineral beneficiation beyond downstream processing of the actual minerals – and thus maximise value associated with related activities – the idea of a Platinum Group Metals (PGM) Exchange has been proposed.

Objectives of the colloquium:

  • The platform will provide MISTRA the opportunity to bring the key stakeholders together to formally communicate the initial findings, progress on work done thus far and get feedback on the way forward
  • The colloquium will afford the research team insights from diverse PGM industry stakeholders and vice versa
  • The draft chapters (and/or manuscript) will be shared to give stakeholders the chance to engage with the content of the project and to seek buy-in.

NB: This is a private meeting administered under the Chatham House Rule. Seating is limited therefore the invitation cannot be transferred or for additional participants to attend without prior approval from the organisers.

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