Seeking the Ethical Foundations of the South African Nation

Seeking the Ethical Foundations of the South African Nation is the culmination of a project started by the Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection (MISTRA) five years ago, that sought to reflect on the past 23 years of South Africa’s young democracy with a view to understanding the ethical issues and challenges facing various sectors of our society today, and the extent to which ethics and values underpin the Constitution and National Development Plan (NDP) for the realisation of our freedoms.

MISTRA organised a workshop in December 2015 that included subject specialists. The findings from that workshop were then presented at a conference held at the Development Bank of Southern Africa in September 2016 with representatives of various stakeholders and sectors present. Inputs were given by scholars, activists and decision-makers and the papers offered thought-provoking ideas about what might constitute shared values and ethics to take South Africa forward into a more equitable, ethical and just future. This book aims to put the presentations and discussions at those events further into the public domain and simply records the contributions of the main speakers and respondents.

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