Reflections on Africa’s Place in the World

Published September 2022

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This volume of essays represents a decade of scholarship from the Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection(MISTRA) on the question African scholars have long posed: Where to for Africa in the world?

The essays in this book cumulatively constitute what could be termed ‘pragmatic pan-Africanism’: a view of international relations that combines a realistic understanding of power politics with a commitment to a progressive Africa and its integration through continental institutions. The authors hold diverse views, and they do not agree on all foreign policy issues. Nevertheless, their work as a whole offers a consistent and overarching vision of Africa and its place in the world.

Overall, the contributing authors regard pan-African integration as a forward-looking response to the most important challenges in the current international system: the decline of the post-World War II global institutional order; the growing danger of great-power conflict; and the threat of catastrophic global climate change. The authors seek to navigate these challenges by creating an African continent that is open, economically integrated, empowered by sustainable technological innovation and confident in its relations with the outside world. Together, they make the case that modern African states, the heirs of the great civilisations that precede

This publication is free