Pan-Africanism in the 21st Century

Published August 2023

In a rapidly shifting world order, this book’s consideration of what contemporary Pan-Africanism means is timely. It covers the proceedings of a conference on Pan-Africanism in November 2022, held in Pretoria, South Africa. The conference aimed to create a conversation for a new generation for whom the original ideas of Pan-Africanism and African Unity are lessons of history. As this book shows, it proved to be a vibrant expression of diverse and stimulating views. 

Delegates put forward the notion that Africa has an opportunity to set its course, engage a creative multi-nodal multilateralism and resist being pulled into the spheres of interest of any global powers. Discussions covered the question of what challenges does the global order put in the way of African progress, and how is the continent rising to these to enhance its agency? Exciting voices set out a new field for studies and showcase new activists for a women-led Pan-Africanism, for ecological leadership and more intra- African trade as critical nodes on the journey. 

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