MISTRA’s 8th Annual PGM Roundtable

6 September 2023

The Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection (MISTRA) hosted its eighth Annual Platinum Group Metals (PGM) Roundtable on 6th of September 2023.

The MISTRA Roundtable has been an annual event since 2016, as a direct outcome of the 2013 research titled South Africa and the Global Hydrogen Economy – the strategic role of PGMs and the Hydrogen Economy. Each year stakeholders in the PGM industry gather at this roundtable to unite around a common vision for the sector.

The 2023 PGM roundtable aimed to take forward the discussion on the Just Transition into a low carbon economy for the PGM industry. The discussion was centred around the need for sustainable mining in the sector as well as leveraging on PGM technologies to improve the renewable energy industries as a means of pursuing a Just Transition. The roundtable focused specifically on the challenges, required compromises and development actions necessary to establish the sector’s Just Transition. It looked at the development of Hydrogen technologies and the progress of the Hydrogen Society Roadmap towards securing clean, affordable and sustainable energy to foster the transition into a carbon-neutral society. It furtherer looked into PGMs as critical minerals, and their strategic role in clean energy solutions. Additionally, the roundtable assessed the state of knowledge of ASM as a market, with the view of determining the linkages between ASM and Large-Scale Mining (LSM) and challenges for this sector (policy, regulation and monitoring).

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