Monthly Briefing Number#11 reports on the conference and release of the final research report of our inaugural eight priority research projects, namely the research project on The Art, Science and Philosophy of South African Football.

We also provide a brief report on a Colloquium to present the preliminary research findings of the MISTRA priority research project entitled: The Concept and Application of Transdisciplinarity.  As well as two skaftien sessions on The History of South African Innovations and on Beyond the Imaginationa brown-bag session on bio- and Nano technologies as a part of South Africa’s development plan. 

 We share a range of media articles on our conference on The Art, Science and Philosophy of South African Football, and an article on daunting challenges faced by this year’s graduating class of matriculants. 

 We also pay tribute to the late Prof Jakes Gerwel, described by MISTRA’s executive director as “an accomplished public servant, a great intellectual and a wise counsellor”.  Prof Gerwel served a member of MISTRA’s Council of Advisors on which he served as a Vice-Chairperson.

And we’re sad to announce that MISTRA’s Directorate Operations, Barry Gilder will be leaving the full-time employ of the Institut at the end of January 2013, but will continue to work with the Institute on a contractual part-time basis.