MISTRA was founded at the right time in the history of our country. Women and men were the founders of this outstanding  institute, that has over the past 10 years attracted the best minds as thinkers, doers and creators of a brighter future for this country.

Through the leadership of Joel Netshitenzhe, MISTRA is unsurpassed. The fact that the book titled “EPIDEMICS AND THE HEALTH OF AFRICAN NATIONS” was compiled by MISTRA  shows how relevant the founding of this Think Tank was, whose work is appropriate for analyzing the COVID-19 Pandemic that is challenging our country, the continent and the world.

MISTRA will continue into the foreseeable future. All of us have made history in sustaining a MISTRA that is second-to-none in the world. What also excites many of us is to see young people who have strongly associated with MISTRA’s work.

Leadership is a gift that many struggle with, but Joel Netshitenzhe has made it so easy for the MISTRA family.