Mapungubwe Annual Lecture 2019

4 September 2019

The Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection (MISTRA) in partnership with the University of Johannesburg hosted the Mapungubwe Annual Lecture 2019 on 4th September 2019. The lecture was delivered by eminent Brazilian economist, Professor Giorgio Romano Schutte.

Professor Giorgio Romano Schutte has acted as an advisor to the Brazilian government, and worked within both European and Brazilian trade unions.

His lecture covers sub-themes such as:

  • The apparent decline in global humanist and left-wing politics
  • The character of current trends in Latin America – The dynamics that influenced Brazil’s 2018 electoral outcomes
  • The impact of ethics as well as safety and security on electoral choices and how the Left is perceived on these measures
  • Democracy in the era of fraught American (USA) politics and implications for global economic relations and geopolitics
  • Possibilities for the poor to protect and advance their socio-economic interests beyond formal political platforms
  • The strategic underpinning of the BRICS partnership and whether it can outlive the volatility of politics in partner-countries and across the globe.

Professor Schutte is a Professor in Economics at the Federal University of ABC (Universidade Federal do ABC) in São Paulo and Associate Professor of the National Research Council (Bolsa Produtividade CNPq). His career includes experience in academia, public administration and the labour sector.

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