The Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection (MISTRA) is pleased to bring you the third issue of the MISTRA Newsletter for 2017. In this issue, we share highlights of the Mapungubwe Annual Lecture 2017, the South Africa-European Union Sustainability Transitions Policy Dialogue and theSouth Africa Cultural Observatory Conference. The MISTRA Youth (MISTRAy) also co-authored an article in commemoration of Youth Month and the June 16 Soweto Uprisings. We also present you a few opinion pieces written by MISTRA staff which were published in the media.

As MISTRA always seeks to improve relations with its partners we would like to hear directly from you about your experiences with the MISTRA brand, especially our events. We, therefore, request you to take 10 minutes of your time and complete our short customer service feedback survey. The link to the survey is provided at the end of this newsletter. Your participation in this survey will be highly appreciated.​

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