Fighting Violations of What the ANC Stands For Is Not Sowing Disunity 
The consequences of the cabinet changes announced last week are starting to play out: in society, in the economy and within the ANC itself. Much has been said about the stirrings in society and the economic implications. A brief reflection on what the ANC leadership and membership can do may be of some use. The ANC asserts that it is the strategic centre of power in relation to its members located in the state, the organisational terrain and other centres.

Especially where its members are deployed by the organisation, it is critical for the ANC] to provide the broad mandate within which they operate. It should be able to monitor and evaluate whether its policies are being implemented. While recognising that mistakes may be made from time to time, the ANC should be able to assess whether such failures are a consequence of poor implementation, inappropriate policies or leadership weaknesses.

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