We’ve had a busy start to 2024, with several members of the MISTRA team presenting at, and attending, various events and conferences. Some highlights include, our Executive Director, Joel Netshitenzhe, participating in a reference group with the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft in the United States and Humanity Researcher, Laurence Caromba, attending the Africa and Europe: Information, Disinformation Roundtable, hosted by the Ambassador of Finland. The Director Operations, Dr Yacoob Abba Omar was invited to present to the United Nations Country Team on the socio-economic outlook for South Africa in 2024. And Director for Research, Susan Booysen, was invited to speak at the Post Budget Briefing, at the Royal Norwegian Embassy.

Our Senior Researcher for Humanity, Na’eem Jeenah, was especially busy; participating in, and moderating, an International Conference to Support Gaza, held in Turkiye and titled: “Freedom for Palestine”. In addition, Na’eem attended the Indaba @ DIRCO event, under the theme: Law, War, Power and the Ghosts of 2023: Where to from Gaza. He also published a paper unpacking the history of democratic South Africa’s relations with Israel and Palestine.

Beyond this, at the end of February, we launched our latest book – Why Innovations Live or Die: South Africa’s innovation system – which examines the local innovation landscape and explores what is needed for innovation success.

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We also welcomed a new staff member, Sanele Simayile. You can read more about this news, below.

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